Join the C.C. Lockwood Book Club and get an autographed copy of ALL HIS BOOKS at a discount.

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Atchafalaya: America’s Largest River Basin Swamp, his outstanding first book, winner of The Louisiana Literary Award. For each of the next 8 books, your discount will go higher:

  First book - 5% off
Second book - 10% off
Third book -
12% off
Fourth book - 14% off
Fifth book - 16% off
Sixth book - 18% off
Seventh book - 20% off
Eighth book - 22% off  Ninth book - 24% off

Atchafalaya: America's
Largest River Basin Swamp

All the books can be autographed and or personalized to you or the person you are giving these beautiful books to. We will ship the books out on a monthly basis for 9 shipments.

We will bill your credit card on shipment days. $5.50 postage and handling shall be added. CC's most recent publication, The Alligator Book, is now available for purchase.

If you are interested in first editions of C.C.’s earlier books, please call for price and availability.

Call Lise' at 800-414-4685 to join and get your first book.


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