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CC will revisit the Atchafalaya Basin 25 years his first book was published to note the changes since he first photographed the basin in the 1970's. This adventure will result in a book that will be released in fall of 2007.

Marsh Mission and The  Alligator Book are in your Bookstores


The Beach

A meditative look at the beach, sand, and water.  More later.

My Favorite Dog Photos

C.C. intends to start this book sometime in the future. It will be a collection of dog portraits at home, at work and in the wild. He was inspired by Abby, the Wonder Dog, whom he acquired through marriage.


C.C.'s been working on this one since 1988 and has been side-tracked many times. Someday, he may complete the most comprehensive and beautiful sunset book ever done.

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