May 18th, 2000 Grand Canyon Expedition - Colorado  River Raft Trip and Photo Workshop                


   Boatman                                           Swamper

Johnny Janssen                                   Josh White




       Swamper Tricia Schimpp and Boatman Butch Schimpp         




      C.C. Lockwood


           River-worn rafters on day 3 of Grand Canyon Photo Workshop trip 

              at Clear Creek Waterfall


Little Colorado River runs blue

Photographers at North Canyon


Johnny reading a story


4th wave at Hermit Rapid


Johnny in Hermit Rapid


Butch in Pres. Harding Rapid


Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil


Four great photographers

      Faye gets a $100    

mud bath for free    



Tyson jumps at Elves Chasm



   Christi gets a $100 

mud bath for free, also




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