C.C. periodically teaches hands-on photography workshops in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and The Atchafalaya Basin Swamp. Informative slide show lectures precede field trips into these great photo habitats.
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Currently Scheduled Workshops


Grand Canyon Rafting trip:
August 24, 2006
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8 day raft trip


Alaskan Special Workshop
In planning stage
Brown Bear and Landscape

July 2007

Alaskan Polar Bears
September 2007

Possible in 2008:



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August 25, 2005
April 24, 2003

June 15, 2002
May 10, 2002
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April 12, 2001

May 18, 2000
July 29, 1999

Colorado River white-water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. Eight days and seven nights on a Grand Canyon Expeditions raft for breath-taking opportunities to photograph wildlife, geology, landscape and rafts in giant rapids. After 20 river trips and a book of the same, C.C. is the perfect person to teach you Grand Canyon Photography.

These trips are scheduled at this time of year to capture the canyon's best light.
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