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CC Lockwood

Throughout his career, C.C. Lockwood has established himself as one of the nation’s outstanding nature and wildlife photographers and as the premier Chronicler of the natural wonders of Louisiana and the Gulf Region, including the Yucatan peninsula. He has also done much work throughout the west and in Alaska. He is the recipient of the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams award for outstanding conservation photography.

He is the author and photographer of nine coffee table books and is working on five more at the present time. The next to be released is a book about the ecology of the beach. Lockwood’s photographs are held in many personal, museum, and corporate collections.

His editorial work includes three major assignments with National Geographic Magazine and 1000’s of photographs published in other magazines, books, brochures, calendars, posters, post cards, annual reports, billboards, movie sets, and about everywhere else photographs can be published. Most recently, C.C. was honored as a Louisiana Legend by Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

C.C. has been teaching workshops since 1975 in locations such as the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana, the marsh, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon on raft trips. Besides helping you with your landscape and wildlife photographs, he will be able to help you with the business aspects of selling and publishing your photography.

Published Books

 •  Atchafalaya, America’s Largest River Basin Swamp, includes 137 color photographs and text by Lockwood, 1981
 •  The Gulf Coast: Where Land Meets Sea, includes 160 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1984
 •  Discovering Louisiana, includes 155 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1986
 •  The Yucatán Peninsula, includes 142 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1989
 •  C.C. Lockwood’s Louisiana Nature Guide, includes 246 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1995
 •  Beneath the Rim: A Photographic Journey Through the Grand Canyon, includes 137 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1996
 •  Around the Bend, A Mississippi River Adventure, includes 158 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 1998
 •  Still Waters, Images, 1971-1999, includes 100 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 2000
 •  The Alligator Book, includes 144 color photographs and text by Lockwood, LSU Press, 2002

Preston Cavner

Your licensed Guide and Outfitter for the trip, Preston Cavner, has enjoyed living in the remote Alaska Bush and will show you firsthand this spectacular area where he and his wife live. Cavner has always loved the outdoors and naturally, chose the guiding occupation that presented him with a worldwide outdoor office. After first seeing the Lake Clark region, he knew from that moment that all trips would return here--a place that he calls home.


Cavner has vast knowledge and experience of the Lake Clark and Katmai area, whether it is from hiking through its majestic mountains, the hours spent in small bush planes flying over the area, or boating on the lakes, rivers, and ocean coastline that surround the peninsula. As a licensed Guide and Captain, he will navigate the group to a new and exciting location each day while overseeing all the events. He, along with his company Cavner and Julian Inc., will provide lodging, modes of transportation, experience in the area, appetizing meals that are well balanced and close to gourmet, and make sure that all the details of the workshop are attended to.

Both Cavner and Lockwood will be a great informative source on local wildlife, vegetation, mountain peaks, berries, history of the area and National Parks, and will help to give you a better understanding of this incredible area. From the first night orientation session to the end of the week, the trip will offer great instruction and photographic opportunities for landscape, scenery, and wildlife. With areas already chosen for incredible prospects in landscape and wildlife, you can be sure that your trip to Alaska will be amazing and unforgettable, and that you’ll have plenty of astonishing photographs at the weeks end! With the combination of both Cavner and Lockwood, this workshop will offer a great chance to gain more of the professionalism you desire and present an incredible environment to work on or polish your photography skills.


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