Pack List

A few travel tips Each and every individual has his or her own way of traveling, some travel light and some travel heavy. We encourage you to pack wisely on one hand bringing too much gear and equipment will hamper you and on the other too little gear will leave you cold and lacking. It is our desire for this web page to assist you as a reference guide in making decisions that only you can make.

Some of our trips have certain weight and size restrictions and a large suitcase may end up lagging behind on a trip in a jet plane and especially, in a small Bush plane. These restrictions are in place for your safety and your convenience. Cavner and Julian Inc. will not be held responsible for overweight or oversized baggage denied transportation, and hopefully such gear will follow us as soon as possible, but will certainly be a major downside to the trip. With care this, of course, can be avoided. It is recommended to use soft-sided luggage and bag sizes that are conducive to fit in airplane compartments.

It is advised to pack the minimum amount of equipment necessary for the type of trip you have booked. Use hard cases such as Pelican cases for fragile equipment on the main airlines or carry them on with your carry on items. Remember, whatever gear you bring you should be able to comfortably carry it, especially out on a hike. You will be far more comfortable packing around less than more.

We also encourage you to mentally prepare for the area you are traveling to by reading up on the area and visiting other helpful links in this site. Your preparation will enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the area, the mountains, rivers, and animals.

       1 Set of PVC Rain Gear
       1 pair Leather with Gore-Tex Boots (no more than 200 grams insulation)
       Rubber hip waders (La Crosse ankle fit)
       Slip-on shoes
       Sleeping bag (20 degrees)
       1 pair of gloves
       Sun hat
       Stocking hat or cap with ear flaps
       4 or more pairs of quality socks (wool or polyester)
       1 pair long johns
       2 pairs of pants (variety)
       3 or more T-shirts or long sleeves
       1 Wool sweater
       1 Fleece Pullover/ Jacket/ Sweater
       1 Thin jacket (water resistant or water proof)
       Toiletry articles
       Extra prescription glasses or contacts, if needed
       Mole skin for any blisters
       Any medication
       Head net (for bugs, mosquitoes)
       Bug spray
       Water bottle
       Leatherman plier tool
       Plastic trash bags and/or water proof bags
       2 Camera bodies to fit all your lenses
       Tripod (ball head or pan head)
       Wide angle lens 20 to 35mm
       Macro lens 105mm or 200mm
       Telephoto lens 300 - 500mm (wildlife)
       Regular lens 50 mm, or a 35 - 70mm, with macro feature if desired
       Medium telephoto- 180 - 200mm or 80 -200 zoom
       1.4x teleconverter for the telephoto
       Flash - strobe (TTL flash capabilities)
       Film (10-20 rolls a day)
       Cleaning fluid, lens tissue, and blower ball
       81-A filters and Circular polarizing warming filters
       2 - stop split density filters
       Extra batteries
       Jeweler's screwdrivers
       Camera equipment designed backpack



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